Haftalık Özet 15 Nisan: Marvel's SJW Backlash and Brash Games Outed

Haftalık Recap

Brash Games came under fire almost all week long for discrediting their own writers, changing bylines and even altering review scores, which resulted in them being booted off OpenCritic.

However, the Brash Games stuff didn’t even compare to Marvel’s SJW backlash, where they tried going hot and heavy on diversity, but it backfired when one of their artists decided to hide anti-Semitic and anti-Christian symbolism in X-Men Gold #XNUMX. Marvel had to attempt to quietly fix the situation by firing the extremist artist, which was a shame because it was one of the few times where the diversity hire was actually extremely talented. These stories and more in this April XNUMXth, XNUMX Weekly Recap.

Brash Games Screws Over Writers

Writers for Brash Games have been coming out of the woodwork, claiming that the other, Paul Ryan, has been scheming and skeeving his way throughout the gaming industry to bring in writers, get them to work for the site and then abandon them without a moment’s notice, wiping clean their names from their work, and scrubbing the bylines like waste from a toilet stall. However, Brash Games was found out and all the dirty laundry was aired clean through the Kotaku in Action sub. The recent Shell Hayalet live-action movie bombed domestically in North America, and the studio executives are blaming it on fanboys complaining about whitewashing. Speaking of whitewashing… fans of Fullmetal Alchemist have become angered that the live-action movie has Asian-washed the main character, who was supposed to be a white German boy. Ah, the joys of [current year].


Marvel Fires Writer For Anti-Semitic Remarks Made in X-Men Comic

mucize fired the artist who was discovered to have included anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiments into the X-Men Gold #XNUMX comic. The writer partially apologized on Facebook, but felt as if his message was one of “Love” and “Justice”. Michael Koretzky, the former director of the SPJ Kunkel Awards, announced that he was stepping down and having someone else take his place for next year’s awards. Not everyone is pleased with the results, but we’ll see what comes of it. Brash Games was removed from OpenCritic after the latter performed an investigation and found out that Brash Games was involved in all sorts of shady stuff.
GXNUMXA decided to offer a rebuttal to TotalBiscuit and Gearbox Software’s challenge to reorganize their website or face the dissolvement of their partnership. GXNUMXA had some harsh words for TotalBiscuit and Gearbox Software. BioWare is working on a new IP, and it’s supposedly going to be like Kader karşılar The Division, and be prepared to deal with a whole lot of social justice warrior topics.


Nintendo Has Tons Of Games Coming For Switch

Nintendo’s latest Direct focused on the upcoming Nintendo XNUMXDS and Switch line-up throughout Spring and Summer. This included a lot of titles we knew were coming like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe ve Splatoon 2, as well as games we didn’t see coming, like Overkill Software’s Payday 2. Phil Spencer has offered recourse in the ongoing debate about the sparse Xbox exclusive line-up, and he’s promising Xbox fans something special for the Scorpio at EXNUMX this year. Bandai Namco has teased a new game that a lot of people are convinced is something akin to a vampire title within the vein of Kanla bulaşan, but the only thing Namco has revealed is that it has something to do with blood and dining. And it’s been confirmed that Neil Druckmann won’t be helping with the development of Uncharted: Kayıp Legacy.


Nintendo Switch Sells XNUMX Units In U.S.

Nintendo’s Switch managed to get off to a strong start in the U.S., moving just shy of a million units during March. It obviously ended up winning its inaugural month onto the market, and Legend of Zelda: Wild Nefes ended up having a XNUMX% attachment rate in result. Epic Games also announced that there are at least XNUMX games being built on the Unreal Engine XNUMX in Japan with the Nintendo Switch in mind, so three of them are already announced and XNUMX still have yet to be announced. One game that isn’t running on the Unreal Engine XNUMX but is highly anticipated nonetheless is Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura for the Nintendo Switch, which is due for release at some point in XNUMX. Kader 2 is said to be in development with a lifespan of nearly XNUMX years in mind, something that the original game failed to do after being on the market for only three years, so we’ll see if Bungie can rectify that with the sequel. And an indie dev went off on a rant, claiming that higher specs in games is a recruitment tool for #GamerGate and MRAs.

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