Tour de France Nixes Podyum Kızları Erkek / Kadın İkili İçin

Fransa Bisiklet Turu

Tour de France katıldı profesyonel dart ve Formula XNUMX yarışı podyum kızlarının varlığını yok etmede. Pekala, teknik olarak bir kız kalacak ama diğeri bir erkekle değiştirilecek ve Tour de France sırasında yarışın o ayağının galibini artık iki kez öpmeyecekler.

Göre Cycling News, Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme told French outlet Avrupa 1 on August XNUMXth, XNUMX…

“We’ve been used to having the riders on the podium assisted by two hostesses. Now, things are going to be different, using only one élu [local dignitary] and one jersey partner, as well as one hostess and one host, for the first time.”

In the Europe XNUMX article they point to a XNUMX petition that garnered XNUMX signatures stating that the Tour de France needed to nix podium hostesses for good because they weren’t “rewards”.

Makale açıklıyor…

“For several years, voices have been raised regularly to demand the end of podium hostesses. A petition in XNUMX even collected nearly XNUMX signatures, believing that women ‘are not objects, not rewards’”.

The Cycling News article also explains that there will be fewer people on the podium altogether as a way to employ social distancing in result of COVID-XNUMX.

The article explains that instead of having five dignitaries on the podium alongside the winner of that stage of the race, there will now only be two.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now they get rid of the podium girl and just have a single dude up there to give the rider their prize.

It’s hilarious seeing beautiful women being put out of work by ugly women and misogynistic Liberals, but we live in Clown World where it’s a crime to get paid to stand on stage and look pretty.

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